My People~~~FACE RANK

ok well here is the face rank so far

SoPhIe-La ~ Cool, Fun, Foolio, and fawsome Bloger and Prez of Midnighter and Darkling Resourses

Serafina Zane ~ Co- Prez and Fawesome Fan Girl

The pretty minded Ugly/ Amy-la ~ Fawsome Fan Girl

Lizzy-Wa ~ Fawsome Fan girl and Co-Prez

Lotti-Wa ~ Foolio Fan girl

Tangular ~ Foolio Fan girl

Kim ~ Fun fan girl

Bri-La ~ Fun Fan girl

noneofyourbeeswax ~ Fun Fan girl

Allie-Wa ~ Cool fan girl

Nat-La ~ Cool fan girl

Amelia-Wa ~ Cool Fan girl

ChanelWa ~ Cool fan girl

we thats all so far


WoRd 😉



  1. Lizzy-wa Said:

    hey. can i join?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  2. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures Said:


    he he he he eheheee


  3. noneofyourbeeswax Said:

    ha!!! coolieo, i’m a Fun Fan Girl!!
    thanks tons prez!
    r u writing more soon????

  4. Netta-la Said:

    gosh! I’m offended! I’m not your friend?

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