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Brain Storming

i did Some brain storming at school today anmd pretty much came up with the same stuff as before and made most of it more broad.

Ok So What if dess had a friend ship with a dark-wolf (darkling werewolf) and because of this friend ship she puts her self in danger trying to help this dark-wolf. and every one has to come back and help her. and rthe dark-wolf knows hoe to get jess out of midnight. but dess almost dies, so she is unabel to share this info.

how do you like that?
Good enough to send to scott?


Zane Or David?

Which Do you like better? me, i vote david because if scott-la wanted to have zane and tally to be together then it would be tally and zane in the wild not tally and david. So What Do you think?

Brain Storming

Ok So Far When i was brain storming.
1. Darkling Werewolfs who during the day are people but at nigh they go on a rampage during the midnight hour. And When they wake up the only remember it as a dream.
2. Dess Is Friends With one of the darkling werewolfs and gets put in danger.
3. They all figure out how to get jess out into day light.
4. something really bad happens to dess because she hung out with the darkling werewolf. and every one has to come back to get dess safe.

that is it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!

talk later or tomarrow!!!!!!!!

Awesome New Blog

How Is Everyone? Me, i am fine. This is my second post. I am just now getting the blog to link from The westerblogl. but I think I got it.. Maybe……
Ok, so maybe tomarrow I will post my brain storming on the Darkling Werewolfs consept.
So I will post later!!!!
bye, Bye!

First Post

This Is My First post!!!!! Cool!!!!! Now on my blog we will talk about scott westerfeld and his books/ My Life. Now if your wondering why i chosse my UserName I chosse it because on scottweseterfeld’s blog i am in the Chasing Midnight Werewolfs Club!!!! An My spot in that club is The President Of Darkling & Midnighter Resources!!!!! Foolio Name isn’t it???????

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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