This is the Whole resason 4 my blog….

Well here is the deal, sopme of my (kinda)friends from Scotts blog created a club 4 a 4th midnighter book. but we want this one to have Darkling werewoves. (foolio right?)

 well a darkling werewolf ia a human during the day (normaly an ex-midnighter) and a darkling (a creature who comes from our nightmares. stuck in the 25th hour of the day. where only people born on excatly 12:00 are able to experince. the rest of the peoples are frozen, stiffs as refer tro in the books. these creatures hunt and feed on us, humnas who don’t know these creatures even excist.) werewolf (we all no what these are.) durning the 25th hour oh the day.

NO Wzay did i come up with this idea!!!!!! i think that Lizzy-Wa Or   Serafina-la came up with it. but u have to admit it is a good idea.

and well most of us in that club have our own bolgs to try and help encourage people to read and want to have another  midnighters book.

and if  u remember there is a secret meaning to the word Trilogy for all of Scott’s Fans. and if u think about it this s the only other (old mean odf the word) Trilgoy that needs to be brought up to date with the new meaning.

Of corse we all now Scott is Busy working on a new book series. and we respect that (duh. we all want that book to be published so we can read it) but when the fans demand (and i mean demand) a new book u need to write it. I mean come on.(Spoilers******** Alert************Spoilers******) that ending just is way to heart breaking to deal wit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was crying like crazy!!

but we all no scott is very busy so we will not bother him (much) untill he has hie new book out. and needs  a new project to work on.

 well that was supposed to be a 1 paragraph summery of why i have this blog. whoopsy-dasiy! hehe

here is what u wil see a the end of each post — my signature–


WoRd 😉

there u go

bye bye

and please come back


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  1. yeah, i was the one who came up with the darkling werewolves idea.
    and we must thank scott-la for the uberfawesomeness of midnight and regular darklings though.

    right AFTER he finishes the first Levitithan book.

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