well, this week i reread midnighters once again.

while i was re-reading midnighters ikept have these dreamswhere i was a new midnighter and jonathan was my grandfather and he was still a midnighter but we had moved away from where jessica and the others had settled after the darkling came and killed my non-midnighter mom and dad. and my mom was my granfather’s only child, so he took me in and we moved far away from there. but the something bad happened. and a darkling werewolf was chaseing me down and it caugt me and was hiding me somewhere and it told my gandfather hat the only wsy he could save me was i he knew where the girl with the sun on her hand was. so then my grandfather raced to find out what hapeened to jess and then i woke up. it was really wired. bu ya.




    *high five*
    HA HA HA HA HE”S MINE!!!!!!!

  2. Netta-la Said:

    …okay then Tali-wa….
    this is your fanlib account adress….
    wait, at least I THINK it is

  3. kim Said:

    i had dreams like that sometimes, but we were in like caveman times and we had to find some lore sites or something like that. i was werid.

  4. Bri-la Said:

    TAG! Your it!


    ^ Click there!!

  5. lottiwa8 Said:

    tag! you’re it!

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