i am sooooo sorry

ok i am so sorry about all of the non-posting. it is just all of my teachers have givven me projects and in beween basketball and school and getting ready for track there has been no extra time. so i will try to stay ahead by doing these late night posts but i will warn you this week are my schools track tryouts and i really want to make the team so i will probably be useing all of my enrgy on that because i tryouts all this week from 4:25 to 6:00 i will be at the track trying not to break my face on the hurtals. (ohmygosh)

so i say again i am so sorry for my non-posting. but just hang in there and i will get it sorted and make a new secadule with time for posting on my there blogs. but untill then just hang in there with me. you can check out both my other blogs because i just posted mew posts on both so go comment.

onc again sorry, thanx for hanging in there with me.






  1. *DottieLoves* Said:

    Hi this is Tazz other wise known as Tally & Zane otherwise known as Dottie. duh! But yeah, not sure what to put but Bunny wanted to see your blog so here he is!
    ( ) ( )

  2. *DottieLoves* Said:

    Crap he got all messed up again, sorry.

  3. *DottieLoves* Said:

    I am very disappointed in you Sophie-la, that was extremely mean what you said about Bunny being yours, cuz he’s not.-pouts-glares-
    I even gave you control of Antarctica!

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