more story

ok here is some more of my story sorry to every one who told me to change the begining but i decided  to change it back to the original because i have thought of a new way to reveal all of the mysteries of the grandparents…… so keep reading to find out how i changed it………… 

          The Other Unnamed Book


Alice Was Hungry, But She knew she wouldn’t eat for a couple days. She was on the run with her brother and sisters. They were of the royal bloodline. Their mother and father were killed. Her bother and sister saved her life. And now they were on the run, because their evil grandparents wanted the throne. Now they had to get back to the divide before they would be safe. They were days away. Alice bowed her head to pray. “Please help us, please” she had just brought her head up when hove beats sounded.

“Alice! Hide! I don’t know who it is!” Alexander Yelled.

“Alexis! Come on we need to hide.” I Yelled. Alexis was just a little over five years old. She had no clue what was going on. I had told her we were going on an adventure and during this adventure we were going to be playing hide and go seek a lot.

There mother had just given birth a few days ago, she had died after the birth. My little sister was a healthy little girl by the name of Alyson, although father seemed to have been healthy too. Father was found dead the other day with a knife in his hands. I had thought this to be just a sad time and that he hadn’t been able to live without mother but then last night I was walking to the kitchen to get some fresh water and I over herd grandma and grandpa talking about how every other country like us would fear them. I stayed to listen.

Of course, when I heard this new I went strait to Alex. Alex was the eldest. He is two years difference to me. He told me to get everyone’s things together. It had taken me all of last night and most of today; Alex had said it would be safer to leave at night.   

So, they had listened to him and left. And now it was almost dawn, and most of the danger had yet to come.

“Alice! They’re getting closer hide, now!” Alex’s yelling brought me bake from thinking about the pas. Now all that I need to think about was what I was doing.

Alexis, Alyson, and me hid in the opposite bush of Alex. Right then the horses and there riders came rushing by. 

I saw the riders and I recognized them as my mom and dads guard. So did Alex.

“Camren! Josh!” Alex had jumped out of hiding and had yelled after Camren and Josh. God, how I hope they are on our side.

Camren and Josh turned around and slowed “Prince Alex, thank the good lord you’re alive.” Josh had said.

“Prince Alex, where are your sisters?” Camren asked suddenly alarmed.

“There are here hiding. We didn’t know who it was riding the horses. Alice come out.” Alex assured Camren.

I wasn’t sure we could trust anyone but if Alex thought so…

When I out of the woods Camren and Josh seem too happy. “Ok well let’s get this over with.” Camren said. All of them including Josh turned to see what he was talking about. They didn’t turn fast enough to see that he was going to shoot Alice. They heard the arrow being notched to through the air and as I saw it was headed to me I yelled to my sisters “Alexis get the baby and run to Alex! Now!”

The arrow flew though the air at that moment; as Alexis and the baby had made it safely to Alex. Who with horror Struck eyes shoved the girls behind him so they couldn’t see what was going to happen.

As the arrow made a sickening sound I felt the sharp pain flow through my right shoulder. As I fell to the ground I could feel the crimson sticky stuff flow onto my blouse. As certain darkness, not from the pain or loss of blood, but from death threatened to take over, I fought for the darkness to leave. It did for now. 

As darkness caused by pain and loss of blood set in I heard some very different things, “Prince Alex I did not know he would do this, I am so very sorry.”

And then, “you shouldn’t apologize to me but to the princess or should I say Queen? She was the next in line for the throne! What did you think when both of our parents died? That It was a coincidence? No! They were killed. And now my sister might die! I really think you should apologize to the good lord and my sister!”

This was the last thing I heard “you’ve been with me for years Josh, so I still give you my trust. Please get the girls and find some where to step up camp while I finish stopping this bleeding.”

After that was said the darkness closed in.



Sophie-la here……. u like?

i’ll post more soon


WoRd 😉



  1. noneofyourbeeswax Said:

    seriously, more mysterious, and i’m glad you found a way to fix it up, i’m practically dying to know what’s going to happen next!
    I like how you don’t know what’s happened, but that you’ve reavealed enough partial info to make readers go ‘dude! what’s up with these people??’
    lol, yeah awesome! write more!

  2. Haley-La Said:

    Ah!! That was really good!! I love the names you used!

    I started co-writing a book with one of my friends but im totally stuck on it!!! we’re handwriting it right now (which is way stupid i need to type it) and we’ve made it a bit past 100 pages…. its about vampires xD

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