well i am trying to post on the clubs page

but idk if i did if so fool. well if i did get on the home page for Chasing midnight werewolves here is my first chapter. enjoy…

it is definitly not 104 wors any more well here it is………….

The Freak Hour

“I must have been sleeping” Drew told herself again. But that’s not what, um what was her name, oh Ya, Jessica had been saying. This had been the 13th night she had woken at 12:01 with wet clothes and her shoes on.
The phone rang right then. Drew knew who it was, Cassie. She was Drew’s Best Friend and she had been have the same dreams but with a boy in them who Jessica in her dreams had referred to as Flyboy. This just keeps getting weirder.
She picked up the phone and said, “I had another.”
Cassie took a shaky breath, “me too.”
Cassie and Drew kept talking until four or five in the morning about what had happened in there dreams. Apprently the girl so called “Jessica” had called the other kid “flyboy” for a resion. And that resion was thea he could realy fly in Cassie’s dream. Cassie told her every thing that happened in her dream then asked about Drew’s.
In Drew’s Dream last night Jessica had showed Drew her hand. OMG! It was like the sun but alot smaller. And Jessica had intrudced a new girl Named Melissa. And said she could read minds. and though Drew did not tell Cassie but she thought Melissa’s, what did they call it, Mindcasting, to be real. Mabye this all is real. Drew thought worriedly as she told Cassie bout her dream.



When Drew got to school she couldn’t shake the feeling that all of Cassie and her dreams were not dreams at all. what if all of this is true. will Cassie and me have to run away like the people in our dreams? what if that thing, what was it called, oh yes, psycho-kitty goes after Cassie? I shuddered at the thought. I still had that dreaded memory of the first night of my dreams.

i had been sleeping when suddenly i was jerked awake by a purring sound outside of my window. i  went to my window and saw a cat that looked just like my own cat, Kay. i had autamaticly opened the window to let her in. but little had i known that had been the worst thing i could hae done.

the cat i had thought to have been mine, jumped in through the window and started makeing this terrible growling sound. by then the smartest thing i could have thought to do was to screem for help. “help me! dad! mom! help! Charlie! help me!’ as i cried for help no one came to my aid. So after no one came to help me from my family, i just screamed over and over again for help. and i was beweldered to why  no one was helping me. by then i had been cornered. the cat had been advancing when Jessica showed. thank god for jess, i thought.

the bell for lunch startled me from my thoughts.

“Drew?” Cassie asked. “Where have you been? It seems like you have been in space all day.”

“Oh. i am sorry. i was just day dreaming, i guess.” All thought Cassie had the same dreams as me she hadn’t had an encounter with the physico-kitty. And as a matter of fact she didn’t even know there was something of the sort. she had been lucky. most of those first few nights i had alays seen physico-kitty in the background, just wait for Jessica to leave before, what they called midnight, was over.

“Drew! Talk to me! i know you are thinking about,’ she lowered her voice before continueing.”The dream. and i can tell there is something your not telling me about yours. last night you were hesataiting to much. and i could tell that you edited alot! so don’t lie to me. just tell me the truth.”

i was supprised she had noticed. she hadn’t showed any sign if kowning all day, but i guess i was wrong. “Ok i will tell you later. bnut not until then. you can call me and i will tell you. just not now.” i told her this makeing sure that she new why i had said this. She understood and nodded.

The Call                                                                                              

11:30 pm

THe phone was ringing. i picked it up before it could wake any one up. “Hello?” i asked.

“Drew? Hello. now, spill.” she demanded.

“Well… Ok,” so i told her every thing about the physico-kitty and how i would swear that if Jessica hadn’t come i might have died. all the while she was utterly quite. when i was done explaning i asked her one question “So, you haven’t had any run ins with this physico-kitty?”

She sounded as if i had been telling her a horror story. “No, i haven’t had any thing that scary happen to me durning the dream.” she said. After all what i told her she still thinks that this is all just dreams and our imagination.

“I doubt that this is all a dream, Cassie. I think that this is all real.” I told her as i looked at the clock, it read 11:58.

“Oh, come on! Drew this is all a dream. Nothing more nothing less. You really don’t belive that do you?” she was very angered by the thought of this to be not at all a dream.

“Well i am going to prove it to you. look at you clock and when we so called ‘wake up’ from our ‘dream’ i will still be on the phone line.” i tod her an djust as i finished it was instanly blue. then i heard that dreaded growl came out of the closet. normally Jessica was already in my room by now. where was she?

the growl came again, and the closet door opened. where is that necklace that Jess gave me? i thought frantic. she had said that physic-kitty didn’t like what it was made of. the door opened some more. Physico-kitty is loveing my fear. it is savoring this.Just then a human form came out ofthe closet. And i knew this person. what had happened to him? when he walked it was cat like.

“Eric? What are you doing? Why are you makeing those horrid Sounds? please stop and tell me where Jessica is.” i said unafraid. this was my harmless boyfriend. he couldn’t hurt a fly. he was here now, though, in the dream time.

“Ah, Drewcila, always so trusting. mabye you will learn a lession about who you can trust after this. on thke other had it will have to be a lession for another life because this one is almost to an end for you.” Eric told me savagely. He was starting to scare me. why is he talking like that? why is he saying that he is going to kill me? I have always felt safe with him, but now i am terrified.  what is this? will that of been my last time talking to cassie?

Right as Eric started forward Jess appeared in my room. “Drew. How about you go and climb out the window and find Melissa? While i take care of your little friend.” she had formed her demand as a question, but i knew that i had no choice.

 ”Just don’t hurt him. please.” I begged.

“I will If i have to. only then. now go outside and stay with melissa. Now!” She ordered.



SoPhIe-La here!!!!!!!!!!!  idk if it is good or not u tell me.

if this is on the chasing midnight werewolves page then YAY!@!!

if not BOOOO


WoRd 😉



  1. kim Said:

    me likey!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Amy-la Said:

    Drewcila… weird

    **Amy~la was here**

  3. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures Said:

    1 of my bff’s name is Drewcila or momiyessi in african but she likes being caled Drew

  4. lotti Said:

    hi! nice blog!

  5. Allie-wa Said:

    You said you wanted to know if it was good, so I’m going to be honest. Hope I’m not being too harsh on you 😛 It really is a great story. Now let’s see…

    1. Lots of typos. I’m sorry, it’s not a big deal, i just hate typos. Try better capitalization, like names and i’s. And be sure you put the right punctuation at the end of a sentence. For some of your questions you put periods. Once again, not a big deal, but a little annoying. 🙂
    2. You switched point of views from 3rd to 1st. Like in one paragraph you said “Drew did —” but in the next you said “I did —“. In your writing, try to keep the whole thing from one pov. It’s more consistent that way 🙂
    3. Sentence structure – some of your sentences are choppy, and some of them should be separated. For example “Drew knew who it was, Cassie” would probably be better as “Drew knew who it was. Cassie.” or “Drew knew it was Cassie.” See what I mean?
    4. You also had some tense problems. like you were past tense, then past participle, then back to past. Once again, try to stay one tense throughout the whole writing. More consistency, easier for the reader to understand 🙂
    4. Really fawesome story! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  6. good story! i likes it.

    i agree with Allie-wa though. i didn’t notice the POV thing personally because i started it and then came back.

    agree about the typos. there is no i in psychokitty.

    and it was kind of wierd the way they didn’t remember the names of things. like, all the “oh what was it called, oh yeah?” stuff. especially when you were in 3rd person that’s kind of wierd. and i’d sort of think they’d remember those things.
    just me. was a great story!

    i ♥ darkling werewolves!!!
    and the staying on the phone thing was creepy and awesome.

  7. thepresidentofdarklingmidnighterresoures Said:

    Sorry about all of the Typeo’s i am not a good speller at all. and anyway thats what editers are for (in the writeing world) well i just wrote all of this in one hour so i didn’t really make it all of what it could have been but i tried. now i am off to write Chapter 2. keep checking in to read chapter 2

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