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ok Chapter 1 of my version of the 4th midnighter book…..

i no it is not 104 wors any more well here it is………….

The Freak Hour

“I must have been sleeping” Drew told herself again. But that’s not what, um what was her name, oh Ya, Jessica had been saying. This had been the 13th night she had woken at 12:01 with wet clothes and her shoes on.
The phone rang right then. Drew knew who it was, Cassie. She was Drew’s Best Friend and she had been have the same dreams but with a boy in them who Jessica in her dreams had referred to as Flyboy. This just keeps getting weirder.
She picked up the phone and said, “I had another.”
Cassie took a shaky breath, “me too.”
Cassie and Drew kept talking until four or five in the morning about what had happened in there dreams. Apprently the girl so called “Jessica” had called the other kid “flyboy” for a resion. And that resion was thea he could realy fly in Cassie’s dream. Cassie told her every thing that happened in her dream then asked about Drew’s.
In Drew’s Dream last night Jessica had showed Drew her hand. OMG! It was like the sun but alot smaller. And Jessica had intrudced a new girl Named Melissa. And said she could read minds. and though Drew did not tell Cassie but she thought Melissa’s, what did they call it, Mindcasting, to be real. Mabye this all is real. Drew thought worriedly as she told Cassie bout her dream.

So what do u think ? once i finish my spanish i will add on to my chapter 1.