So I know i am breaking my own rules but I am going to talk about books other that the ones by scott Weterfeld.
I know i am crazy!

Ok Here Ar some good books…

Twilight-New Moon-Eclipse
Rangers Appreantice-Sersies
Ellen Hopkins Books
I’d Tell you I love you but then i’d have to kill you
13 little blue envlopes
The Givver
The key to the Golden Firebird
The Princess Acadmey
The Daughters Of The Moon
Sisters Of Isis
Sons Of the Dark
Magic Or Madness Trigoly
Granny Torelli Makes Soup

Those Are All boks you guys or girls should read!!!!

And here are the books by scott westerfeld

Midnighters Trigoly *we want another one!!!!
The Last Days
So Yesterday

All Of them so wonderfull

read them all




  1. hillary! Said:

    have you read any of MJ’s other books? I love ‘Girl At Sea’. I love MJ!

  2. Bri-la Said:

    I’d tell you i luv u but then id hav to kill you is a FAWESOME book!! LUV IT! and so is 13 little blue envelopes! LUV IT! And of course i LUV LUV LOVE Scott-la’s books. but ive never read any of the other ones. except the giver. but the ending of that one bugged me. it was good at the beginning when she was setting up the setting and stuff- very mysterious. but i didnt like the end. too much hanging. i like a little closure.

  3. sERAFINA zANE Said:

    am i the only one who thought eclipse was disappointing? the twilight series is deteriorating from decent guility pleasure to book crack that makes you self-hate for ever liking.

  4. mintoichigo Said:

    Hey, this is Courtney! from courtneysblog-courtney.blogspot.com 🙂 i have no idea why i’m logged in as mintoichigo… o, i remember! i started a wordpress blog a while ago, but i decided that i liked blogger better so i deleted the wordpress one. 🙂 (btw, Minto and Ichigo r characters in the manga/anime, Tokyo Mew Mew).

    srry it took so long 2 get here, i couldnt find ur comment on scott’s blog. but i found u! yaness! and i luv ur blog!

    hey, have u read Maximum Ride, by James Patterson? it rawks! u should totaly check it out!!!


  5. tagular Said:

    ok i luv a ton of the books on ur list now pleze comment on my blog
    i thank u again

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